Trendyol Integrations Integrations

With the integration of T-soft Trendyol, it is now possible to obtain significant revenues through Trendyol integration while sales of the products of our site are realized after the short integration period. In addition to having a very practical use and interface, there is also a number of integration benefits that can be provided with automatic access to many data. It is possible to become a brand in a short period of time thanks to this operation. In order to realize the Integration, you have to first realize the supplier agreement with Trendyol. Then an "API" account is required for integration. You will be able to access the API information provided by Trendyol Marketplace in the Trendyol API information.

  • Daily updates, price, stock quantities, etc. are done automatically.
  • T-Soft Integration follows all of the actions for you.
  • Follow your orders through your panel and prepare your invoices.
  • Ps.If you regularly list your products, be sure to include barcode, description, Product Name etc. information must be fully included.
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