ZoodMall Integration

All products in your ecommerce site can be listed and updated in ZoodMall. All orders from ZoodMall will be processed in the system.

  • Transferring an order from ZoodMall to your e-commerce site
  • Inventory of products ordered in ZoodMall reflected on your system
  • Synchronize stock and price information of your products in ZoodMall in bulk with stock and pricing information in your ecommerce site
  • Unlimited product release in ZoodMall
  • Ability to add features such as product status, submission period, subheading, etc. to the items you send to ZoodMall in bulk
  • How to determine the shipping charge that will appear on your order in ZoodMall via Connect
  • Mapping cargo companies in ZoodMall to e-commerce carriers
  • Ability to create and edit a delivery template via Connect

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ZoodMall is the leading cross-border b2c marketplace in the silk road,

  • Zoodmall gives you an opportunity to sell and send your products directly to the end users in the Silk Road countries.
  • In few days, you can connect your existing e-commerce platform to Zoodmall and be an exporter.
  • ZoodMall is a Swiss company with a local presence in 8 niche markets: Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan
  • you can reach with ZoodMall a potential untouched market of 225 M people, 70% less than 35 years old,
  • ZoodMall is launch in partnership with the local national post of each country, this partnership model facilitates customs procedures in each country.
  • Zoodmall has a local payment gateway and customers support services in each country,
  • We are interested to sell Turkish textile, shoes, bags, cosmetic, accessories products and home textile,· It will be the First time that the Turkish products will be commercialized on a local cross-border marketplace in these countries,
  • We guaranty a weekly payment and easy / save return policy management,
  • No Risk of an exchange rate. ZoodMall guaranties your payment in Euro,
  • You define your pricing selling strategy,
  • It’s Free to list your products for all sellers for next 3 months – max15% commission on each order
  • ZoodMall is fully integrated with T-Soft. All transaction will be easy and manage automatically in your system.
  • Turkish companies have great advantages in the e-commerce markets in these countries, in terms of short delivery time, high quality and brand recognition in the region,
  • The COD option will bring extra sales opportunities
  • Very simple, quick and zero-cost special export procedures on the Turkish side, daily pick up service of the 3PL companies directly from your warehouse,
  • No import duties nor any kind of sales taxes including VAT if the value of the order is below the limits
  • Free informing for the companies who would like to get benefit from different Turkish government e-export incentives programmes regarding their expenditures in the e-exporting procedures.
  • Free consultancy regarding all e-exportation procedures,
  • Free consultancy for the companies for their digital marketing operations in these countries.
  • You are free to activate or deactivate all the countries or some of the companies you like whenever you want
  • You don’t need to invest in a call center, our local call centers undertake all CRM,
  • Integration is free for the companies only for the next 3 months, join zoodmall now.
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